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Bookkeeping Services Menu
  1. Set-Up a computerized Bookkeeping System Specific to your Business (equal to 1 month fee)
  2. INCLUDED—Pick-Up and Delivery to your office each month
  3. INCLUDED—On time Sales Tax Returns when due
  4. INCLUDED—Maintain your Business transactions in a secure, locked location 24/7
  5. INCLUDED—Prepare all necessary reports to help you obtain loans or secure funding
  6. INCLUDED—Balance General Ledgers, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  7. INCLUDED—Produce Payroll Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  8. INCLUDED—Prepare Workman Comp reports and file in a timely manner
  9. INCLUDED—Prepare all necessary W-2, W3, W4 and 1099 forms and file on time
  10. INCLUDED—Prepare your year-end Business Corporation or Partnership Tax Return
  11. INCLUDED—Manage Tax reporting, Tax Planning and keep you in compliance with FTC on ID Theft Laws.
  12. INCLUDED—Help you to appoint a Security Officer for your Business
  13. INCLUDED—Train you and your Employees to Mitigate Damages and give an Affirmative Defense.
  14. INCLUDED—Prepare Projected Income and Expenses to reach necessary goals for your Business
  15. INCLUDED—Stamps on all correspondence necessary to file all reports our office prepares
  16. INCLUDED—Answer all your questions in a timely manner
  17. INCLUDED—Bill Pay including stamps, (up to 5 per month INCLUDED)
  18. Bill Pay of 6+ $25 per month extra
  19. Check Book Balancing $25 per month extra
  20. INCLUDED—Help in hiring/firing employees and keep you bullet proof to all local, state and labor officials
  21. INCLUDED—Help your company be in compliance with the FTC's requirements to have a security officer.
  22. Job Costing Reports at an extra fee, call for details.
  23. INCLUDED website building and hosting for those that qualify.


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